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The name JOFEL is derived from its directors' first names, JOSEPH & FELICIA. JOFEL Catering Services Limited like many institutions, started as a snack shop in 1982 at Roman Hill in Kumasi. Buoyed by the determination of two individuals to make a difference in the lives of their customers, lunch services were added so as to cater for the numerous store owners in the Roman Hill area.

Jofel relocated to the Mobil Filling Station at the Old Bekwai Roundabout for about 1 year before being asked by the management of Mobil to vacant the Restaurant site. All Kitchen equipment, crockery and furniture were moved to the Directors residence while a new site was acquired to start developing a new structure.
After about two years a make shift structure was develop just adjacent to the Ridgeway Bungalows of the Military Barracks. This structure with time became the best eating and entertainment joint in Kumasi from 1986 through 1990. In 1990, Jofel again was asked to move from that site since the land was earmarked to be a public park. The Structure which had then develop to house Garden, 2 Mini bars, a Restaurant and Band stand were razed down by bulldozers one sunny afternoon.

Not perturbed by another misfortune and with the help of trusted friends and family, Jofel relocated to Asokwa in the former Kwality Restaurant Building. A little far away from the city center but the numerous clientele never forgot Jofel’s brand of service delivery and still continued to patronize services. It should be worth noted that Jofel received its first National award as the Best Restaurant just before finally moving to its current location.

Jofel Catering Services limited was registered as  a limited liability company under the companies code (Act 179) in 1993 and issued with a certificate to commence business in the same year.  For the past 33 years, the dream of a man and wife has matured into a very thriving catering establishment.

During the course of the period, the company has also had three branches, one in Kumasi and then in Accra and until recently Anyinam in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The Anyinam branch is the only surviving branch now.


Guided by our taste for quality and our customers being our family, our vision is to:

  • Create a work environment where the ideals of Jofel are championed by the staff and not management.
  • Provide a comprehensive catering service that is very visible in the three major regions of the country.
  • Partner with our customers and our communities in helping solve some of the social problems identified in them.
  • Utilize the expertise within the company to impart knowledge to up and coming youth who are interested in catering.
  • Contribute to the promotion of tourism in Ghana, and become the leading restaurant in Ghana the subregion.

Mission Statement

We strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers by understanding their needs and working closely with them to deliver excellent, timely, efficient and coordinated catering services.

Our Core Values

Jofel believes that each customer’s need is unique and we are focused on a customer centered approach in achieving our collective goals.

Jofel believes in collaborating with our customers and suppliers to form effective and strong partnerships in the delivery of service.
Jofel believes our work place is an environment where we encourage innovation and growth in a respectful way.









VAT Award for top 20 Contributors 2006, Ashanti Region.


3rd Ashanti Business Excellence Awards - 2006, Gold Award-Best Caterer


2nd Ashanti Business Excellence Awards - 2005, Gold Award-Best Caterer


1st Ashanti Business Excellence Awards - 2004, Gold Award, Best Catering Services


International Award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry - 2004 (New Millenium Award), Spain-Madrid


The 29th International Award for Tourist Hotel and Catering Indusstry - awarded by Trade Union CLub, Madrid, Spain.


The most outstanding establishment in the tourist hotel, restaurant and catering fields 2004.


Restaurant of the Year - 2000, Ashanti Industry Trade and Technology Award.


Restaurant Proprietress of the Year - 1999, Ghana Tourist Board - Ashanti Regional Tourism


Restaurant Proprietress of the Year - 1998, Ghana Tourist Board - Ashanti Regional Tourism Award.


Restaurant of the Year - 1997 - Ghana Tourist Board, Ashanti Region.


World Tourism Day 1997 - Certificate of Merit


Restaurant of the Year - (Ghanaian and Continental) 1997, Ghana Tourist Board, National Tourist Award.


Restaurant of the Year - 1995, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana


Restaurant of the Year 1994 - Chartered Institute of Marketing (Ghana)


Restaurant of the Year, 1994, Ghana Tourist Board (Ashanti Region)


Current Awards
Ghana Tourism Authority 2014 Ashanti Region Grade 1, best Restaurant.



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